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The Wonderful Gathering | Buyer's Night Shares Happiness with you!
Category: Expo News
Date: 2019-10-23
Author: CACFair

On 22nd of October, 2019, the highly-expected event – Buyers’ Night party was held grandly in Grand Tea Mall, Guangzhou.

With a continuous stream of our guests, the atmosphere was fairly relaxing and pleasing.

This time, the Buyers' Night was in the theme of the ocean. Old friends and new gathered, and took memorable pictures together.

In the atmosphere of toast by turns, Buyers' Night grandly started.

In the beginning, the project director of CACFair, Ms. Carmen Ho, gave a speech and expressed appreciation to everyone's support all the way. This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. As China establishes more and more cooperation all around the world, the Canton Fair Complex welcomes an ascending number of merchants globally. In the special day, we hope to create more communication and cooperation with each other, from which we gain more joy.

The guests moved to the stage passionately, and took photos together under the shiny beautiful lights.

The Chairman of YI-WU International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Ms. Hu Weihong and General Manager Mr. Li Guangtao, together with Project Director Ms. Carmen Ho proposed a toast to our guests, wild with joy!

The extraordinary peacock dance, which belongs to the traditional dance, appealed to the audience, who clapped for the show. The singer presented her fancy performance, with her charming voice elating the audience.


Also, we invited a master to make handcrafts of the silhouette, making plentiful interesting and vivid handcrafts to the guests.

Rasing our cups of wine in the night, we enjoyed the full love. Celebrating the wonderful time together, we look into the bright future. The fascinating party shined the glory of the Chinese and foreign culture communication. We look forward to seeing you soon, in the Spring CACFair, 2020!

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