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Pre-show News丨CACFair Advertisement in Guangzhou Metro
Category: Expo News
Date: 2019-10-11
Author: CACFair

The new poster CACFair has been put up on the platforms of Xingangdong metro station and Pazhou metro station (Line 8). Atmospheric and eye-catching as it is, the golden color and white foil echoes the autumnal theme of CACFair. The unique knitting exhibits embellish the subway platform, starring in this warm-up. Awesome posters!


The flowing passers-by and trains may take away busyness, but they never take away the charm of the brand-new CACFair posters - though hurried and crowded, people are still willing to stop and browse the fresh posters.

As soon as you get off the carriage, you could immediately see our new posters!

It is time to cherish the previous experience and enjoy the pleasure of CACFair products and sets!

Such magnificent, attractive and yet of great elaboration this time! The posters’ design improves overtime. In the cozy and bright metro station, passengers gain a pleasant and visual satisfaction. When the very autumn approaches, the moment we get off the carriage, such an icing on the cake delivers vitality and vigor!

Our posters are posted on the central platform of Xingangdong station (heading for Wanshengwei) and beside the gates on the platform of Pazhou station (to Wanshengwei).

Ten days to go, the 48th CACFair Weaving + Home Décor, (CACFair) will be held in Nan Fung International Convention and Exhibition Center on 21st-27th of October. Stay tuned! 

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