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Buyers' Night Came with More Surprises!
Category: Expo News
Date: 2019-04-24
Author: 佚名

Buyers' Night


19:00 - 21:00  22nd April, 2019

2019年4月22日 晚上7至9时

Level 1, Grand Tea Mall 丨国茶荟一层

As the most popular event of the fair,

CACFair Buyers’ Night was held successfully at Grand Tea Mall on 22nd April.

At 7:30pm, the party officially started.

At the beginning of the party, the director of CACFair, Ms. Carmen Ho, gave a speech, welcoming both new and old friends for joining us at the party!

Then, the Chairman of YI-WU International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Ms. Hu Weihong and General Manager Mr. Li Guangtao, together with Ms. Carmen Ho made a toast to our guests, thanking all for the long-term support and wishing CACFair to continue flourishing.

The traditional Chinese calligraphy gives new lives to paper fans.

Varied excellent performances

An upgraded super lucky draw?

The two-hour party composed wonderful cross-cultural communication. The excellent performances collided with the sparks of cultural exchanges between home and abroad. This spring is meant to be unforgettable. Thank you all for your participation at the Buyers' Night. See you again in October!

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