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The Grand Opening of the 46th CACFair
Category: Expo News
Date: 2018-10-21
Author: 佚名
The 46th CACFair welcomes its grand opening on 21st October in Nan Fung International Convention and Exhibition Center, Guangzhou.
Larger Scale And Richer Products
This session, CACFair covers an area over 30,000sq.m , with more than 300 excellent exhibitors from different provinces or regions in China. Except for the 1st and the 2nd floor of Nan Fung Exhibition Center, a new exhibition hall on the ground floor is launched.



Thousands of products  made of grass, willow, rattan, straw, iron and so on, including garden and outdoors, home decorations, household items and festival items are displayed. 

Every material has its own story. With exquisite skill, craftsmen make products show different styles and always pursue for high quality, bringing them great reputation among buyers home and aboard. 

The special functional area “WHAT'S NEW” is set on ground floor,displaying the latest and most innovative products,which are combining crafts and floriculture, giving you a fresh and brand new sourcing experience;like special winter bark-made snowmen, iron and wood materials showing a modern home style, the combination of ceramics and  deer element enhancing the modern sense of your home, classic but creative colorful iron products and various weaving,Christmas decorations. With a nose of nice coffee next to Buyers’ Café, you could enjoy eye-pleasing products at the same time.

1540107666135097035.jpg 1540107711765027154.jpg

1540107819847066755.jpg 1540107860751083532.jpg

Better Service Makes Buyers Feel At Home
CACFair has launched the self registration service, saving much time for buyers. Excellent products attract top companies from Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Britain, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and America, ect., such as Hobby Lobby---one of the largest crafts import retailers in America; Burton & Burton ---the largest balloon and gift supplier in the world; Zara Home---a fashion household product brand in Spain; H&M Home---a design-lead household product brand; Dymak---the lead corporation in international crafts wholesale industry and Blume2000---the famous floriculture brand in Germany. 

1540108273597045884.jpg  1540108342269007527.jpg


On 22nd October, Buyers’ Night will make buyers feel at home and strengthen the communication between buyers and the organizer.

23 Years As One Day---Brings Healthy Life Style To The World
Founded by YI-WU INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION CO., LTD. in 1996, CACFair is regarded as one of the largest exhibitions of natural weaving products in China as well as a member of UFI. With the experience of 23 years, CACFair is a top exhibition of natural weaving products, combining with thousands of professional international buyers, and selective competitive products. 


CACfair has not only made great contribution to large-scale crafts export corporations in China, but also improved the “Made in China” weaving products to the world, playing an important role in the weaving industry. CACFair is welcoming all sorts of buyers and aiming to bring healthy life style to the whole world with more convenient services, larger exhibition scale as well as natural and fashionable products.

We listen to you and forge ahead!

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