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Countdown to 7 days!
Category: Expo News
Date: 2018-10-14
Author: 佚名

Buyer Registration Guide

The 46th CACFair will be held on 21st- 27th October in Nan Fung Exhibition Center. In order to provide buyers with a comfortable purchasing environment and considerate services, CACFair has carefully planned and offered a series of buyer services, like self registration, saving a lot of time in the queue and entering the fair with the fast-print certification.


Buyers can obtain the buyer card through the following channels:

1. On-site registration: Buyers can get the buyer card for free by self registration or manual registration. The personal business card is used to queue up to print the buyer card at the counter in Buyer Registration;

2. Pre-registration: Before CACFair, buyers can make pre-registration on our official website and get a QR code. With the QR code and personal business card, buyers can obtain the buyer card in Buyer Registration then enter the fair;

3. Long term card: Buyers with a valid long term card can get into the exhibition hall directly.


CACFair is only open to professional buyers. Buyers who meet the following conditions can get the buyer card for free by providing personal business card in Buyer Registration.

 (1) International buyers who hold valid passport; buyers from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who hold valid ID card;

 (2) Purchasing representative from China must provide an ID card and a valid overseas company certificate (certificate of overseas commissioned procurement)

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